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Greening House Party

Hi all,

You are invited to join us at the House Party to support the Greening of Detroit on June 30 from 6-8p. The dinner will be free Slows BarBQ and beer and wine, with a membership to the Greening for $25! The event will take place at 2134 Michigan Avenue- the yellow building adjacent to Slows.

Invitation to Spirit Farmer's Market and Restaurant


We are excited to announce the opening of the Spirit Farmer's Market and
Restaurant on Thursdays at Spirit of Hope from 2PM til 6PM.

Proposed Vernor Highway closing at Roosevelt Park public meeting Today

Please pass this around to those not on our e-mail list. This is a very important meeting and word hasn't gotten to a lot our neighbors about it. There is some more info on the Roosevelt Park Revival website.

Upcoming Road Closure Community Meeting

notes from April 19, 2011 mtg of Corktown CDC

Hi to all -
A)This is just a reminder to all of the CDC meeting - at April's mtg. We scheduled to return to Nemos for tonight's meeting -we'll ask to be in the back. **Parking may be harder to find there with a Tigers game (sorry, but no Mark H to repeat the memorized game-schedule to move tonight's mtg off Michigan Ave...note that we'll need to plan summer mtgs around the game schedule & crowds.)
Think about topics for our agenda. I suggest we start with these & bring what you see to discuss.

Southwest Detroit's Town Hall-- Bridge to A Healthy Community! April 16 2011

Come April 16th to Southwest Detroit's Town Hall-- Bridge to A Healthy Community!
Governor Snyder has made a new bridge a priority. Michigan's legislators may be voting soon. We want to be sure any new border crossing is good for the community, too. Come to support the community getting these guarantees with a new bridge:

Detroit is Not Your Dumping Ground

Hello all!

We had a fantastic DHNC meeting last week with Ken Cockrel and Chief Godbee. As a result of the brainstorming at this meeting the residents decided to create a program to fight the decline of vacant buildings owned by banks.

Euchre Night at The Maltese American Club

Euchre Night at
The Maltese American Club
1832 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216

Next round of Detroit Works meetings

Upcoming Events
*** Please note, a couple venues have changed since original posting***
Mayor’s Advisory Task Force Meeting

Detroit, Community Resilience, and the American Dream By Milicent Johnson

When I told my friends and family I would be traveling to Detroit to write about community resilience, I got the same reaction from everyone: Silence. Then, slowly, as if not to offend me, people would look at me very seriously and say “Be very careful–you never hear anything good about Detroit. Remember, you’re a woman, you have more to lose from an attack than just your wallet." Frequently the conversation would trail to the murder rate or economic devastation and that “desperate times make people do crazy things." My surprise at this reaction was compounded by the fact that those words weren’t just coming from my parents, they were coming from born and bred city folks who know that the greatest

Detroit Works Project Monday, January 31, 2011 from 6 -8 pm


On Monday, January 31, 2011 from 6 -8 pm at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Hall the City of Detroit's Detroit Works Project leadership will host a public meeting to address community members' concerns, ideas and hopes relating to The Detroit Works Project. The City of Detroit, in collaboration with Community Legal Resources (CLR), has asked community organizers in each of Detroit's clusters to help organize these meetings.

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