A ‘Dickens’ Of A Christmas

Spirit of Hope
Proudly Presents
A Free Holiday Event
Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Charles Dickens
“A ‘Dickens’
Of A Christmas”
One Performance Only!
Award winning actor & playwright
Plus!A stellar company of surprise guests!

How Charles Dickens decided to “raise the ghost of an idea” by writing his classic
How the great author enchanted his audiences with his “one man” rendition of “A Christmas Carol” —now authentically re-created by Mr. McPherson
about the history
of Santa Claus and the
customs and the
traditions of the
Christmas and ancient
Yuletide seasons!

1519 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (at Trumbull), Detroit
Please join us as we usher in the holiday season by celebrating the “Dickensian” aspects of the Yuletide, as well as helping to support the Spirit of Hope food and service programs. FREE ADMISSION! ENGLISH TEA-TIME SNACKS! DONATIONS ONLY
For Immediate Release:
Press or Interview Contacts: (734) 671-5424


It’s Christmas time again—and another kind of birthday party as well, with the guest of honor being none other than the famed British author Charles Dickens, who turns 200 this year! On that note a one-time only special performance of the award-winning stage production “A ‘DICKENS’ OF A CHRISTMAS” will be presented at the Spirit of Hope Church, Detroit to benefit its Soup Kitchen and host of other outreach programs. The performance will include holiday musical selections plus “Mr. Dickens’” explanation of how he came to write his seasonal classic, “A Christmas Carol,” as well as performing portions of his immortal novel of Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and of course, that bevy of Christmas ghosts. Between acts an “English Tea Time” will also be offered free of charge to audience members.

Coordinating “A ‘Dickens’ Of A Christmas” and re-creating the role of Mr. Dickens is Mark McPherson, author, playwright, documentary film-maker and “man of many mysteries.” To date his repertory of original, one-man dramas have found him researching, then stepping into the shoes of such historical and literary figures as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, Wyatt Earp, Theodore Roosevelt, C.S. Lewis and Mark Twain. He has performed to critical accolades throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

“The dramatic genre of the ‘one-man show’ is nothing new” explains Mark McPherson, who has combined the roles of writer and actor, even as did Charles Dickens. “When Dickens took to the stage to read his own works it was against the advice of his peers. However, as things turned out he became something of a rock star, with countless audiences loving to hear him present selections from ‘Great Expectations,’ ‘Oliver Twist,’ and of course, his Yuletide attempt to ‘raise the ghost of an idea,’ his ‘Christmas Carol.’ He became the characters he created, and believe it or not made his audiences laugh and cry and want more. Therefore in order to re-capture some of that Dickensian magic on stage, my re-creation of the fabled author is authentic, right down to my use of a wooden lectern, which is an exact replica of the one Dickens used over the years.

“But particularly at this time of what Charles Dickens once termed the ‘rolling year,’ I like to turn this production toward an excellent cause” says Mark McPherson. “At present we are devoting our attention to the Spirit of Hope Church and its many valuable outreach programs throughout the metropolitan area. These I believe are perfectly in line with what Dickens himself recognized as necessary for helping those who needed food, shelter, or merely a kind word. In other words, a helping hand.”

“A ‘Dickens’ Of A Christmas” will be presented on Saturday, December 17at 4 p.m. at Spirit of Hope Church in Detroit (1519 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd), and again on Sunday, December 18 at 4 p.m. at St. James Episcopal Church, Grosse Ile (25150 East River). All tax-deductible proceeds from both events will be donated to the Spirit of Hope Church Outreach Programs, with special emphasis on its year-round Soup Kitchen.

“Particularly now, and sadly, just as in Mr. Dickens’ 19th century day, there are those who require assistance. But why should we help them?” says Mark McPherson. “The great author put it nicely, I think, when he simply said, ‘They need my help, and I need to give it to them.’ What better sentiment then for us to enter into this most benevolent of seasons?”

“A ‘Dickens’ Of A Christmas” will be offered to the public at no admission charge, but a free-will offering will be taken. For further information, ring: (for Spirit of Hope Church: 313-964-3113) and (for St. James Episcopal Church: 734-671-5424)

Mark McPherson as Charles Dickens