Corktown Crier and Reminder: Meeting Nov 14th 2011 6:00 PM Corktown Town Hall at IBEW

Dear Corktowners and Friends of Corktown-

We are in organizational transition between the old Corktown Residents Council, the Greater Corktown Development Corporation, and whatever comes next. You are receiving this e-mail because you have been on the Corktown Residents Council mailing list in the past.

Please mark your calendars and join us at the big town hall meeting next week Monday, November 14th 6 PM at the IBEW Hall 1358 Abbott St. This is the call out to everyone, those that have kept the faith, or been frustrated, or are brand new, to come and try to imagine a community organization that will help us all work together in the future. Bring your concerns and ideas and help Corktown move toward one voice.

Attached is the second e-Edition of the of The New Corktown Crier that covers more detail about the town hall. Hopefully received the print edition at your door last week.

See you Tuesday, bring a friend and spread the word,

The Corktown Town Hall Committee

PS - Please note, that the announced CDC is the 10th, the Corktown-wide Town Hall mentioned in the Crier (attached) is on the 14th 6PM at IBEW.