The Ambassador Bridge Company has done it again

Dear all,

The Ambassador Bridge Company has done it again. The Bridge Company is attacking the community benefits process in their paid TV advertisement. They are tainting the legislative process with their money by misconstruing the facts. They are attacking Detroit families by going after the only thing they have asked for—accountability for the health and quality of life impacts that a new bridge will bring
It is disgusting that they would use us AGAIN to contaminate this bridge debate. Instead of sticking to the facts, they are using their money and influence to confuse the process.

The Bridge Company needs to focus on their lawsuits. They need to comply with federal, state and city laws, instead of illegally taking public property and severely damaging projects (the Gateway Project) that would have benefited all our children and protected us from severe truck traffic in our neighborhoods.
I am in awe that my colleagues in Lansing would believe special interest (the Ambassador Bridge Company) over their own Republican-led Administration. Why would they believe the ONLY opponent to the public bridge? They lose the most if a new competitive bridge is built. This fact ALONE would make anyone weary of what comes out of their mouth.

I am tired of seeing the People’s Legislature turn into the Ambassador Bridge Legislature. It is sad!

This afternoon, I was told that the Senate Economic Development Committee will be voting on the bill tomorrow at 1:30 P.M. We need residents to come to Lansing. Please call Simone Sagovac at 313-717-8223 or email her at She will provide transportation if needed. It will take all of us to go up against a mega-billionaire corporation.

In solidarity,