Imagination Station / Detroit Thursday, Oct. 13 2011 @ 7pm – 10pm; And, on Friday, October 14

Technology. Sustainability. Arts. Community. These are the elements The Imagination Station Team have incorporated into our future envisioned "creative campus" on 14th Street adjacent to Roosevelt Park. However, we know these disparate values could engender conflict. We believe conversation on these matters is needed and good. Please check out the inspiring events we have planned for TODAY and TOMORROW.


What is the role of the arts and the imagination in Detroit today? This question and others will be addressed in The Imagination Station of Roosevelt Park’s collaboration with Montreal’s DARE-DARE.
QUESTION TO BE DISCUSSED: The arts and the imagination have a long history in Detroit, the United States and the world of providing hope, courage and change. Please discuss the role of the arts, the imagination and hope in Detroit now and place in a historical context? How does DARE-DARE’s intentions of doing risk taking, critical art in “border places” converge with Imagination Station / Detroit? Thursday, Oct. 13 @ 7pm – 10pm;

Panel to include:

Pastor, activist and thinker Bill Wylie-Kellerman;
Artist from Montreal, Douglas Scholes;
Detroit journalist, artist and recent Kresge Fellow, Louis Aguilar; and
Long-time Detroit resident, Carolyn Johnson.

Moderated by Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor
7-10 pm, St. Peter's Episcopal, 1950 Trumbull, Detroit, MI.


And, on Friday, August 14 at The Imagination Station Campus:
Unveiling / Presentation / Party – Douglas Scholes will unveil “Target” and DARE-DARE’s Detroit-based partner, Luis Aguilar and Team, will present the story of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit. This will include music and time to talk with the artists and will be catered by Pink Flamingo!!!. Friday, Oct. 14 @ 5 – 10pm.

This is our envisioned creative campus!!1

We will certainly use this listserve to exlore with you the important and exciting issues needing discussion as Detroit (and Corktown) seeks to transform itself from the "rust belt" to the "______" belt. Come along (at a minumum) with us on our journey as we work to create a great new Detroit!! Even better, join us in doing the good work. Send an email to to join us as a volunteer.

A link on our website also allows you to make contributions on-line. Every dollar counts!!

Also, please pay a visit to our website, to see our vision for our campus on 14th Street.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Imagination Station