Soup's September Project

Dear Friends,

In 1950, at age 9, Angie Johnson moved to North Corktown. She grew up in a neighborhood teeming with life. Later, as a single mother, she raised her children here and developed a reputation for having a generous heart, freely giving what she had to those less fortunate in her community. She watched as her neighborhood descended into chaos, as people moved away and houses burned down. Angie's attachment to the neighborhood was too strong to ever consider leaving. Instead, she purchased the lots on her block where houses had once been and has worked hard to keep them in immaculate condition ever since. Angie, with her commitment to community, persistence and generosity, is surely the driving force that has turned the tide on our block.

Three years ago, at age 67 and in the height of the economic downturn, Angie was laid off from her job. Not expecting retirement so soon, she struggled to support her household, as well as others in her family who were struggling with the recession. After careful consideration, Angie decided to move in next door with her daughter and granddaughters to cut utility costs and open the possibility of renting out her old home.

At the last Soup, a group hatched plans to give Angie's house a face lift, so that it would be fit for rental. For the last two weeks, volunteers have been removing old carpet and drop ceilings from the house but we'll soon need funds to purchase supplies. Our goal is to have the place ready to rent out by the next Soup at Spaulding, on October 13th. If you are able, please contribute a few dollars to the project here.

If we succeed, Angie will be able to cover her bills and have some money left over to enjoy a modest retirement. Her now vacant home will once again provide space for community. Like our work at Spaulding Court, our efforts to move forward at Angie's old house keep the blight from gaining on us. For the city, it keeps one more house permanently off the demolition list and offers the sort of affordable, high quality space that attracts good people. It affirms the social contract established generations ago: a lifetime of hard work and doing right by your community does not go unappreciated.

A number of local businesses have thrown their support behind this cause by offering discounts and even gift certificates for backers of the project. Find all the details here.

Thanks so much for your support,