Our road dollars

Our road dollars are being hijacked by the Detroit International Bridge co. with their duty free fuel concession. Anderson never takes into account the revenue generated from the duty free fuel sales. Lets do that math.

10,000 trucks a day times 250 gallons per truck times .18 fed fuel tax + .19 state fuel tax + >23 state sales tax which the fuel concession syphons off from our roads every day. .60 times 10,000 times 250gallons times 365 days a year times 120 years. 1.5 million per day Are you kidding me. The state of Michigan can build and controle this fuel concession or allow matty to twin . I am certain matty and his family will donate the fuel sales profits back into the Michigan roads. Ya right. Every taxpayer in the state will end up having to pay more or drive on rubble. Where will Michigan get the money to repair her roads when as the Wilber Smith study projects 35,000 trucks are filling up at the Matty operated duty free fuel concession. 35,000 trucks times 250 gallons times .60 = 4,500,000.00 per day in state revenue forever lost. Times 365 days a year times 120 years. Are you kidding me.
The State of michigan needs to controll this fuel concession and make it part of their deal for approval of this project. They can also build duty free fuel concessions at the Blue Water crossing and Suix Saint Marie this revenue would bypass the federal fuel tax and could fund every program in the state which has been underfunded since the recession started. Parks, Police, social programs, schools. Why would our State legslaters even consider allowing a single individual to hijack or economic future. He pays off a ton of people in lansing and they might just allow him to steal the future of our children and line their pockets for a second. How much did Bishop recieve after he threw this bill under his desk last year.
If only half of the cars and trucks fuel up we are still talking about a billion dollars a year.