Agenda Proposed (& followed) at Corktown CDC meeting 6 PM Sept. 19, 2011

Agenda Proposed (& followed) at Corktown CDC meeting 6 PM Sept. 19, 2011, 2122 Mich Ave

-Roll call of elected members (Mtg called to order 6:20 PM, Ron Cooley, Dorothy Bennick, Barb Prusak, Jennifer Wallisch & Judith Christensen attended.) Guests to introduce (none).

-Minutes of previous meeting read, corrected acceptance. (Minutes were accepted with correction. Barb asked that names be spelled out without abbreviations so people who are unfamiliar from before can better understand what we're talking about.) [July Minutes follow]*

-Old & Unfinished Business:

1)Plans for October 17 & Nov 21 Meetings had a goal to have a larger fall community mtg. An opportunity to request City Representatives to come & present information about Detroit Works plans arose when City of Detroit recently held community meetings. (Our request was submitted by the Sept. 16th deadline by Judith Christensen after polling members. The Request Form said to expect to hear by Sept 30th. City may present at our Oct. or Nov. meeting, or want to combine with other nearby community groups who also request City to present their Detroit Works analysis & plans. For follow-up, discussion covered about needing a larger meeting place, how to communicate more widely so Corktown community knows date, time & place if confirmation come before Corktown CDC’s next mtg took place. J.Christensen said she will ask Mark Hansknecht to post our new info to as soon as possible, as well as telling others. Ron Cooley said the Corktown Corktown newsletter committee plans a Town Hall meeting 4th week of October at the IBEW Hall, so maybe the Detroit Works presentation could be combined with that. He will talk to Vince Keenan & Jon Koller this week about that possibility this week.)

2)Other Development issues, or other Community, safety, traffic & issues of city services to community. (Discussed if anyone can attend Sept. 20th Community Police liaison meeting at Central District Police Station or the next Detroit Historical Neighborhood Preservation Coalition mtg Thurs to discuss our community’s issues. None could commit, so Judy C will email Sgt. Travis. Dorothy Bennick said latest email from the Historical Neighborhood Preservation Coalition noted that historical tax credits have a deadline in Oct.)

3) Information on Bylaws & City Code governing relations with CDCs. (It's deferred to next time when Mona is here. Dorothy will remind her about new members wanting to see our Bylaws.)

-New Business: (Dorothy noted the next CDC election comes spring 2012, so we have a few months to find candidates who are interested to run and represent community when City presents its development plans for our recommendations. Follow-up plans after we try to see who else is interested. Ron Cooley had questions about how the boundaries are set & if City would expand our area to the part of North Corktown that has no CDC. )

-Communication: NEXT MEETING: set for 6:30 P.M. on Monday, OCT. 17th at Nemos.
-Meeting Adjournment (at 7:05 PM.)