CRC will not be meeting on our regular schedule (1st Tuesdays) in September.

Dear Corktowners, Detroiters and Other Interested Parties:
Hopefully you (Corktowners) have received your copy of the New Corktown Crier. They have been distributed to every household from Porter St. to MLK to the Lodge to 20th St. The Crier outlines the next (projected) steps for the CRC and community organizations in Corktown.

The CRC has new bylaws and my term as Interim President is finished. I not only support, but strongly advocate for, the idea of casting a wide net to generate interest and encourage involvement of all Corktowners in community governance.  As an organization, the CRC is at a crossroads – we could elect a new President now or try broaden the conversation and engage more Corktowners.  We chose to open it up…Corktown is filled with amazing people with a lot to offer.
As Immediate Past President, I will continue to assist the CRC Membership / Recruitment Committee that is planning the Corktown-wide town hall in October (Ron Cooley, Vince Keenan, Jon Koller).  In the meantime, we are going to keep working on the New Corktown Crier as a means of sharing information about the neighborhood.
The CRC will not be meeting on our regular schedule (1st Tuesdays) in September.
We will meet in October but the date, time and location are not yet set…the Membership / Recruitment Committee, in cooperation with the current CRC Board, will announce the time and date soon.
I  know this is a change from my last message but consider this notice that there will not be a regularly scheduled CRC meeting tomorrow.
These are exciting times.  Change, in this case is good.  I think we’re taking necessary steps to re-connect.  If you’re interested in helping Ron, Vince, and Jon out with the newsletter or the October town hall then please send a message to
If you’d like to send a message to me, please do at or Also, you may call if you’d prefer.
Let’s make a great Detroit neighborhood!
Jeff DeBruyn
Immediate Past President,
Corktown Residents Council
(248) 953-0469