REBOOT 11 : CORKTOWN MUSIC FESTABO Saturday July 23, 2011

The Roosevelt Park invitation. 2011
Hard work chasing down all those ghosts (and we have alot of them); time and again the game is played. Each match we are moving up some score board. 100% epic, we rewrite his/her story.

Time and again, the game is played but eventually you runout of quarters/ it is finished, it is done- or is it? The game sits and is forgotten, or is it?!

The whole moves onto the next shiney thing, but in UR heart it misses that original game, in simplest of form: . The arcade you played at is closed/ the boards are on the windows. There is a fire, and a storm or two. You drive past, years later to see the game with a tree were the screen use to be.

Can it be?

We all win?!

Go earth, go!! Not in the way other cities do, but Detroit is not other cities. Dripping wet root + soul = music + art, the festabo serves as a way to revalue, rethink and REBOOT the whole system. In the purest form, we present currency. Peace in/ Love out (and/or Vice-versa).

Now U R IT, Enjoy.

Saturday July 23, 2011
Roosevelt Park, Detroit, USA. USĀ„.
General Information Line: Ph. 313-444-5142 (Zeddy Dimblebark Timebomb)

Vendor Sign Up/ Performers/ Donation Information Lines:
313-920-4770 (Kevin)

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