notes from April 19, 2011 mtg of Corktown CDC

Hi to all -
A)This is just a reminder to all of the CDC meeting - at April's mtg. We scheduled to return to Nemos for tonight's meeting -we'll ask to be in the back. **Parking may be harder to find there with a Tigers game (sorry, but no Mark H to repeat the memorized game-schedule to move tonight's mtg off Michigan Ave...note that we'll need to plan summer mtgs around the game schedule & crowds.)
Think about topics for our agenda. I suggest we start with these & bring what you see to discuss.

1)Introductions & officially welcome new members who can attend, (although a few prefer mostly email contact like Shelley has this year).
2)What Election Committee speakers said April 30th, & about role of the CDCs & we could share insights on how we see impacts of that role on plans for Corktown's future. (I'll bring a Shelterforce article about role of CDCs in a shrinking city, but if you prefer it emailed - just tell me.) When it comes to information from Planning & Development, what strategy to get information shared & in a timely way?
3)A brief updates from the CDC Co-ordinating Council May blow-out mtg & it may help answer Mark Crowley's valid questions abt their approach to CDC work versus individual CDCs. (& remind me to raise abt views expressed by City admin. on development & CDCs - It's 3rd hand but I'll try to find the note & remember tone for our response).
4) Neighborhood updates & sharing of info: a)there's a historical preservation mtg this Thurs night & the topic is blight - can someone go & can we add our bldgs that cause concern to a list to send? b) Recent news about the latest Detroit literacy study showing 47% of residents as functionally illiterate. Since LISC helped fund this, it seems pertinent for how they direct some of their resources earmarked for our area & their plan to increase community sustainability in Corktown & Hubbard-Richard. c) Other mtgs or community development & issues? 1400 Porter or Mercury Bar hearings, Sugar Oak House, IS clean-up efforts, etc. Crime, traffic, housing, biz impact?
5) Schedule for next mtgs. & discuss our plans to rotate locations & include more neighborhood involvement - can share Soup with Spaulding flyering efforts &/or Corktown Connection to announce meetings more widely.

B) April 19th Corktown CDC mtg - it was small & had 2 parts: attended by 2 newly elected Corktown CDC members, Mark Crowley & Ron Cooley, plus Jen Wallisch, Javier Cardenas & Judith Christensen. (Schedule conflicts & several community events affected our turnout.)...Our topics included a) a quick overview for the new members, & results of the 4/5/11 Detroit CDC elections. Most members had received no notice of the rushed April 30th City Installation ceremony for new members; fortunately Mark H got notice 2 days before & shared (as did a Woodbridge CDC rep on our phone-tree.) So Dorothy Bennick & Judith Christensen attended the small event & Dorothy got Corktown certificates. ...Members shared some brief neighborhood updates at the April 19th mtg, accepted a corrected March mtg minutes adding Diane H's omitted attendance, & we briefly shared some neighborhood updates... (Mark C asked about our bylaws & hoped we don't intend to change ours. It reminds me to bring a copy of the Public Law defining CDCS tonight for anyone who doesn't have -if you want it emailed, just let me know.) Corktown CDC Bylaws have a back-up location - among materials in the Gaelic League collection at Reuther Library Archives - box 44 I'm told. So if members do ever decide we need to amend from the basic 1980 rules, we could always get from there - again if down the road, we need & previous members & individuals can't find their files quickly.)
yours, Judy C