Detroit is Not Your Dumping Ground

Hello all!

We had a fantastic DHNC meeting last week with Ken Cockrel and Chief Godbee. As a result of the brainstorming at this meeting the residents decided to create a program to fight the decline of vacant buildings owned by banks.

We are tentatively calling it "Detroit is Not Your Dumping Ground" and we will be gathering information from neighborhoods that include addresses, bank names and pictures of the decay. Since many of us feel that the banks though overwhelmed are not helping keep our neighborhoods safe and clean, we are intending to take this information to a website and the media. It is our hope that when the banks are shown as bad neighbors that they will act to better secure, clean and even advocate the selling of these properties.

Many neighborhoods tell us over and over that the same bank may own 10 properties in their neighborhoods and are allowing through complacency the ruination of the homes. Those that are owned by out of state banks, especially this is a problem.

We plan to hold a session at the Boston Edison Home Preservation Fair (April 16th) as well to gather information, bank and media contacts as well as photos. More to come on that.

Until then, if you have a list of properties, picture of their decay and the name of the current bank owner, please send to me.

The BE Fair site is here:

Kim Schroeder
Detroit Historic Neighborhoods Coalition