Detroit Works Project Monday, January 31, 2011 from 6 -8 pm


On Monday, January 31, 2011 from 6 -8 pm at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Hall the City of Detroit's Detroit Works Project leadership will host a public meeting to address community members' concerns, ideas and hopes relating to The Detroit Works Project. The City of Detroit, in collaboration with Community Legal Resources (CLR), has asked community organizers in each of Detroit's clusters to help organize these meetings.

Corktown is in Cluster #4. Maps with the boundaries are attached. Additionally, a flyer is attached. Please distribute as far and wide as you like. The flyer will also be distributed in the neighborhoods.

IMPORTANT: CLR and The Detroit Works Project leadership seeks your input before the meeting so they can address your specific concerns. So, see flyer for details.(it says to send emails to me at this address or call me).

CLR contacted me to assist in this process. I've not participated in any City of Detroit or Detroit Works Project Meetings so I am generally unable to answer any questions. Our (AJ's and mine) role will be to forward community members' questions, concerns and queries to the City - via CLR - about their specific concerns relating to Cluster 4.

I did ask for the agenda creation process be collaborative but have not heard an answer.

As for our efforts to spread the word, we will / have already:

* Sent a press release to all local news organizations
* Specifically reached out to Michigan Citizen and Michigan Chronicle
* Share all this info with others with large listserve
* Collaborated with The City of Detroit Planning Commission
* Conducted a radio interview at WDET
* Scheduled time with Senator Coleman Young, Jr. to share info on his Cable / Analog show to be aired at 7pm this Sunday
* Flyer many if not all of the neighborhoods: Woodbridge, Northend, downtown, Brush Park, Corktown, Riverfront, Lafayette Park etc.
* Reach out to area churches, institutions, Citizens' District Councils, elected officials and ngos

If you have other ideas please don't hesitate to share them.