Tlaib: Bridge Company community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15th at 7 p.m

Hello all,
First, I would like to thank you for your wonderful advocacy yesterday and the amazing passion that you all show in fighting for a better quality of life.
The President of the Detroit International Bridge Company (Ambassador Bridge), Dan Stamper, requested a meeting with me, however I asked that the Company instead meet with the community to present their understanding of the Gateway Project.
The community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 15th at 7 p.m., tentatively at the Delray Senior Pavilion, 275 W Grand Blvd. We hope to get a strong turnout so please email Amanda Kaye at if YOU ARE able to attend so we can get a sense of turn out.

Again, thank you for being so amazing.


Tlaib: Tell Bridge Company to Remove Illegal Structures

Lawmaker calls for company to comply with court order, clear Detroit plaza

LANSING – State Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit) is urging local residents, environmental activists, community leaders and members of the trucking community to call on the Ambassador Bridge Company to comply with the court order to remove the trucks from our local neighborhoods as promised by the Gateway Project, a $230 million transportation project. Last week, a U.S. District Court again rejected the company's appeal of a lower court ruling that ordered the company to comply with the original contract they entered into regarding the Gateway Project.

"The Ambassador Bridge Company keeps taking us back to court and wasting our state tax dollars. The Company needs to stop using court schemes to circumvent the law," Tlaib said. "Our community is paying a huge toll the longer the Bridge Company stalls the completion of this project as it was intended. Our children suffer from high rates of asthma, trucks are tearing up our local streets and jeopardizing our public safety as trucks go past our schools, parks and busy intersections. Our message is simple: build the ramps that were promised to our community. I urge our residents to stand up to this mega-billion dollar corporation and demand that they abide by the law and stop infringing on our community."

In February, a Wayne County Circuit Court judge ordered the Ambassador Bridge Company to comply with the original contract for the Gateway Project, which may require the demolition of gas pumps, part of its duty free store and toll booths on the Detroit plaza of the Ambassador Bridge because they were improperly built on city property. Last week's ruling was the second time the Ambassador Bridge Company lost an appeal to reverse the court order. Currently, the Bridge Company releases over 10,000 trucks that use local streets and neighborhoods to access the freeways. Gateway Project’s purpose and need was to remove these trucks by providing direct connection to the freeways.

Tlaib is urging residents to voice their concerns and call on the Ambassador Bridge Company to comply with the court order by contacting Central Transport, the company's headquarters in Warren, at (586) 939-7000.