Another Awful Federal Response the DRIC

An opportunity for economic growth is slipping away.
We should strongly lobby our Federal Elected Officials...Congressman Hanson Clark, Senator Levin, etc.,...on the DRIC!.....Let our Fed level elected reps. represent MI and SWD, let them help get our "People's Bridge"/DRIC with our CBA... It's obvious that we need their help since the Republican controlled MI State Senate are going to continue their stalling tactics when our MI Workers and MI Companies could be working on the People's Bridge/DRIC!!! All of the desperately needed MI jobs that would made available to our State are being stonewalled and we must remind the elected reps at the State level but also at the Fed level that the People's Bridge/DRIC = Helping Put MI Back to Work and that DRIC, the People's Bridge will be a economic stimulus project that will get MI Working again! Putting MI Workers and MI Companies back to work will help to spread and circulate throughout MI, boosting, supporting our other small businesses as MI Workers are put back to work, helping more MI families put food on their tables, MI Workers spending hard earned DRIC Dollars will help to stimulate our MI Economy! The "People's Bridge"/DRIC is a no-brainer.......Stop the politics and let's DEMAND that our Elected State & Federal Reps. put MI Workers Back to Work via DRIC...The People's Bridge!

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Another Awful Federal Response
Posted on November 3, 2010 by Alan Ackerman

The Windsor Star author, Scott Webster, placed an article in which he stated that there is consideration being given to moving the DRIC route.

If this happens on the American side, it would be world ending for dozens of businesses and people. No one knows what to do while individual lobbying entities push the United States Government around.

For Susan Hubbard, Sr. VP of Governmental Relations to acknowledge a lack of certainty exhibits an awful situation.

In another article to be placed on this blog this week, one will note the recent proposals to modify the plaza in Port Huron. All the while, individuals, with their own personal property rights, have been substantially harmed!

Windsor Star

Feds mull alternate DRIC route

Federal officials and those connected to the DRIC border project are said to be in discussions with counterparts in Washington to draw up an alternate plan if the state of Michigan continues to drag its feet on political approval for the government-backed Windsor-Detroit bridge.

"We are not involved in that, but that has been a possibility from the beginning, that if Michigan could not carry this out, Washington could step in," said Sarah Hubbard, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the Detroit Regional Chamber.

"I think it's a real possibility. The federal government and Washington have the authority to identify crossing needs and certainly able to do it if they see fit."

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