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Welcome to the beginning of a new interactive, social, living map of Detroit. During these historical times in Detroit, our team seeks to promote the transparency and openness necessary to ensure that Detroit's economy and markets thrive into the 21st Century.
Toby Barlow - Writer/Creative Director of Team Detroit

How do you "Help Detroit?" The thought is daunting. The city is huge, it's problems can seem like a massive one hundred and forty three square mile cavernous hole that's ready to swallow all goodwill. But, if you think about it, the only choice you have is to help.

As human beings, we really only have two things. We have time and we have space. That is all there is. There is a current of time passing through you as you stand right where you are. So, what to do? The logical thing to do is to use the time to improve the place. So Volunteer. Raise your hand and say "Yes, I can help." Maybe it's fixing up a park, maybe it's teaching a kid to read, maybe it's helping someone who is in need, maybe it's just listening.

The needs of this region can seem overwhelming at times, but in fact they are all simple and small needs. They are a giant pile of tiny, tiny problems. Which means you can help. You can make a difference. If enough people spend a few hours here and there working on making our shared space better, than the time we spend here will be even nicer than we ever imagined it could be. And that's all we have, time and space.