Corktown Park gets made-over from Model D
The City of Detroit's Municipal Parking Department probably gets cursed more often then praised, but its recent donation to a Corktown park could help them earn a few huzzahs.

Participation in A&E's Parking Wars netted the department $50,000, which it allocated to the Recreation Department. Mulliet Park in Corktown was targeted for an upgrade in accordance to the strategic master plan. "We engaged the community, asked them "What would you like to see?' and incorporated their ideas with ours," says Recreation Department director Alicia Minter.

The park's location on Vermont St. just across the street from Vistas Nuevas Head Start means the new play equipment is designed for children aged two to five. Rubberized safety surfacing, a new play structure, two sizes of swings, a slide and a carousel component were installed. "This is a great new recreation opportunity for families and children," Minter says.

Source: Alicia Minter, Detroit Recreation Department
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh