Bike rack for Spirit of Hope!


The Project: One bicycle rack for the Spirit of Hope courtyard, made from recycled materials and supporting a local metal artist. A unique bicycle project in the heart of Detroit!

The Good News: We won the matching funds at the most recent Soup at Spaulding! (Right here at SoH every Thursday night at 7pm. Dinner is $5) That means we can go ahead with the project if we have enough funds to finish.

Even Better News: All we need are several donations of $5, $10 or $25. Our goal is just
under $300.

The Catch: We must raise the funds in less than one week, by Monday, Oct. 4th!

Donate today at the below web site! Most importantly, forward this to friends, especially bicycle enthusiasts all over! Contribute to the transformation of a neighborhood!

Thank you! Peace, power and love,

The Rev. Matthew Bode, Pastor
Spirit Of Hope
1519 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48208 313-964-3113